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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

What is Dilcara?

Dilcara prides itself on its Australian foundations, being family owned and operated, these values are reflected in our products as we proudly use locally made and sourced products in our projects. It is these home-grown values which help us grow by sustainably creating better outcomes not only for the company but also our clients and the community. This premise is what differentiates us beyond just what we do but what we stand for.

The definition of the word Dilkara stems from the indigenous Australian language meaning Rainbow. The rainbow is traditionally a symbol of hope and new beginnings. The tree pictured in the logo brings with it the correlation of stability, strength, dedication and commitment which we personify in bringing the best trades together and organically growing the company from its birth as an initial close circle of family and friend tradespeople into the flourishing and expansive network we operate today. As well as this literal translation, the company was formed on the Sydney street named, Dilkara circuit.

Keeping in line with these origins, all projects are built with the traditional ethos of creating new beginnings, bringing prosperity and luck to each family and their new home. We are committed to providing this superior experience to our entire network of clients.