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About Us

Who we are

The Dilcara story begins with two brothers, Antoine and Joe Gittany. After years of honing their trade under the watchful eye of their father, the two brothers identified a gap in the Australian building industry for unparalleled and unconventional construction. Motivated by the gap they saw in the marketplace and their goal of being the best in practice, the boys combined their finance and construction backgrounds to pursue their dream. In 2008, Dilcara was born.

Their goal was to maximise land capital on any site, believing that there is no location too complex or too difficult to develop. They pride themselves on being boundary-to-boundary and limited site specialists.

It was their opinion that many sites were being underutilised and not reaching their full potential due to common issues with an unclear solution. Since their first project in 2008 Dilcara has built every project with this underlying theme which is evident when looking at their completed works.

The Dilcara team is inspired by the idealistic lifestyles of sophistication and luxury.

Drawn to the finest of materials and most particular of finishes, their perfectionist attitudes always leave them striving for the utmost in grandeur.

Through these spirited philosophies, Dilcara projects are at the forefront of developments in NSW and are consistently breaking down barriers in the industry.


The materials in a Dilcara build are sourced from all over the globe, the world’s finest materials are used to produce the finished product. They are committed to their clients and are game to work with any material or process whether it be tried and tested or new and revolutionary in order to achieve a turn key project upon delivery.

Each project undergoes a number of stringent operations and checking procedures to ensure the highest quality is delivered.

The passion and pride of Dilcara speaks for itself and is reflected in the choice and beauty of the materials used, where there is no limitation. Being generational builders, they are not about the bottom line, they are about delivering for each and every client and treating them as family.

Collaboration and synergy are key when coordinating projects of this scale. The continued success stems from the team and network of key consultants, sub-contractors and all involved in the supply chain. With a hands-on approach at the core, Dilcara works closely with all parties throughout each stage of the journey to ensure their projects exceed the client’s expectations.

The extensive portfolio of work speaks volumes for the company’s reliability and capabilities hence shaping the reputable brand name. Each and every project has presented countless invaluable experiences that have provided the extra added expertise needed to bolster Dilcara’s success over the years.

To this day they are continuously learning and adapting in order to dynamically improve all the people, quality and processes to ensure that their best practice is the best practice.

Despite a tumultuous 2020, Dilcara continued to propel itself forwards, seeing exponential growth in the company and an increase in projects culminating with the introduction of a Commercial arm in early 2021.