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Since the establishment of Dilcara in 2008, we have worked on high quality projects spanning across a variety of different sectors. Each and every completed project has brought with it invaluable experience and expertise which has bolstered our capability offerings to encompass a wider spectrum of offerings. Our continued success stems from the strength of our client base and the diversity of the sectors we work in. We maintain a high retention rate from our relationships with private clients and corporations. We have delivered projects of all sizes across New South Wales and offer uniquely tailored solutions to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Our operations are based on our successful, traditional tried and tested methods and processes, while our projects are always at the cutting edge of construction. We at Dilcara believe that innovative technological advancements have revolutionised  building and this is evident in our implementation of these technologies into our projects. The management team is constantly scouring the industry for the latest innovations to ensure our clients are at the forefront of this space.


Our Early Contractor Involvement begins with an initial assessment of the site using our extensive build and development experience. Our team and support network conceptualise thoughts and ideas about the site and it’s particulars while keeping in mind and hinderances or site restrictions that we may have to deal with. We offer our advice and recommendations based on our experiences dealing with different councils and their development approval history. We call upon our extensive network of consultants and architects to deliver the unique and individual styling that one can only achieve from a Dilcara build. We conduct our own primary research on the area and surrounding suburbs, through real estate agents, focus groups and surveys to help us identify the needs of the market, this information is crucial to us as it provides invaluable insight to the area allowing us to best serve their needs. Feasibility advice is also taken into account  to identify any issues prior to commencement and design these out so that we can maximise profit for the client. Each case is handled individually and thus our building methodology is based on the individual outcomes required, this includes site restrictions, geotech, ground and building requirements.


Pre-Construction phase begins after the development application is approved, whether the client has obtained this with our assistance or on their own. A site DA matrix is completed and reputable consultants from our panel are given a  brief and engaged to select a building method based on the client’s goals for the site, site restrictions etc. From here we can further engage the necessary consultants from our reputable network to ensure that the works are optimally planned. Countless design and review meetings are then held to get the application to a construction-certificate satisfactory level, once again ensuring that these are in line with the restrictions and the client’s goals, we strive to maximise development potential while keeping in line with council, RMS, BCA requirements. We strive to ensure that all site specific plans, community construction and any other risks are planned in, in order to mitigate them from affecting the build.


The brunt of our services is based on construction. This is the stage where the concept becomes a building. The Dilcara team spreads across the entire building spectrum, from our in house architect to our stringently selected subcontractors, we employ experts in primary and supplementary services to provide the most effective supply chain available to us, put together through our on-site experience, for our client’s and end consumer’s needs. We hold a very limited tender process to maintain quality as this is the underpinning of our services. Quality control systems are employed, all the way from inception to delivery, through stringent internal inspection test plans and independent external consultants and manufacturers inspections. We also bring in independent consultants for all the components of building to ensure the end consumer is getting the best possible product and all our work is compliant with the BCA and Australian Standard, these also include external consultants like ; BCA, Access and Fire consultants, structural, stormwater, hydraulic, mechanical, Geotech, façade engineers. Dilcara keeps a strong rapport with councils, stakeholders and the community throughout the entire process to make sure we conduct works in a non-disruptive manner.


Handover is the final stage of our build process, our internal quality control handover team conducts a thorough final inspection test which includes an independent building handover inspector. Any items that are identified during this process are actioned straight away to mitigate any extensions in handover time. All our final inspections are completed by all the relevant consultants, we gather all the certifications together so that we meet and surpass all the satisfactory levels. All of our client’s are taken on a pre inspection handover and initial walk through to ensure we are in line with the brief and take into account any amendments or requests. All of our projects are custom built and the requests of the client are kept at an underlying level throughout to ensure uniformity. All critical works and tasks are then inspected again by qualified internal and external consultants and if approved are granted certificates along with strata and surveys. The building is then ready to hand over.

At Dilcara we are committed to providing Australia with the best in apartment living. Our apartment Construction and Project Management team have extensive experience in building apartments that stand out for all the right reasons. Our goal is to set the benchmark within this field, ensuring all our apartment buildings are constructed using the most suitable methods and highest quality. This promise will ensure that our development clients will maximize their gross realization while maintaining happy purchasers and residents.
Dilcara are known for their dedication to quality, attention to detail and meeting the demands of owners in the luxury home market. Our residences reflect our client’s innovation, individualism and lifestyle – our goal is to put you in the house of your dreams.

If you are a developer and want to derisk your project from a building and delivery point of view, Dilcara can help as we have completed numerous developments. Our extensive experience and vast network with financiers, strong real estate agencies, consultants etc is priceless in terms of what we bring to the development. We have a proven track record of delivering project and a strong financial position to get a project started.


If you are considering becoming an owner/builder Dilcara can help you during this sometimes daunting process, we have service agreements which vary from assisting in the initial phase of the build right through to assisting during the whole construction process.

If you would like to find out more please contact our office to arrange a no obligation initial consultation.


We bring our expertise to a broad range of building and development management. Our corporate team have extensive building, feasibility and financial management experience to ensure your project ‘gets off the ground’ and is successfully completed.

Our project management team can assist with the following:

  • Construction design and planning
  • Development feasibility with preliminary budgets
  • Liase and organision with appropriate consultants including fire engineers, architects, town planners, environmental solicitor etc
  • Review building methods and materials to ensure sustainability and budget targets are met
  • Organise funding for projects through third party
  • Project administration
  • Risk Management and construability advice
  • Contract Tender process.
  • Ongoing meetings during the project.

Heritage work includes facade retentions, adaptive reuse and a complete restoration of heritage buildings. These are brought back to their former glory and given a new world shine, while also upgrading the structural integrity and bringing them up to date with current fire codes and BCA.

We understand that the finer details are particularly important here, we work in close collaboration with Sydney’s best and most respected heritage architects and consultants, thus is our commitment to Sydney’s cultural historic past, which we not only respect but also endeavour to upkeep to the standard it deserves. We emphasise a ‘get it right the first time approach as there is no second chance with heritage sites.