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Project Management

Project Management – Developments We bring our expertise to a broad range of building and development management. Our corporate team have extensive building, feasibility and financial management experience to ensure your project ‘gets off the ground’ and is successfully completed. Our project management team can assist with the following: [list type=”check”]
  • Construction design and planning
  • Development feasibility with preliminary budgets
  • Liase and organision with appropriate consultants including fire engineers, architects, town planners, environmental solicitor etc
  • Review building methods and materials to ensure sustainability and budget targets are met
  • Organise funding for projects through third party
  • Project administration
  • Risk Management and construability advice
  • Contract Tender process.
  • Ongoing meetings during the project.
[/list] If you require any assistance with your project please contact our office to arrange for an initial consultation. Project Management – Owner Builder If you are considering becoming an owner/builder Dilcara can help you during this sometimes daunting process, we have service agreements which vary from assisting in the initial phase of the build right through to assisting during the whole construction process. If you would like to find out more please contact our office to arrange a no obligation initial consultation.