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Joseph Gittany

Owner – Financial Controller

Joseph began working in the financial services industry in 2005, his background in construction and property development enabled him to become a specialist accountant for that particular segment.

During his time at Announcer Group Joseph’s hard work and proficiency in business was rewarded at the age of 20 and Announcer promoted him to Accounting Partner. At the age of 23 Joseph took over the role as financial controller for the Mid tier financial services group which consisted of over 10 subsidiaries.

Further he was involved in business coaching and worked with clients to achieve growth targets and business goals. Joseph’s experience in accounting, financial management, business growth and cashflow management will make certain that Dilcara is in a financial sound position.


  • Cash flow management
  • Contracts administration (Trade and Client)
  • Payment of trades
  • Estimating
  • Tender administration
  • Marketing and Client Liaison

Previous Projects 

  • Address:               23 Larkin Street Camperdown (21 Units 2012)
  • Address:               45 project homes in Hunter Region
  • Address:               60 Earlwood Avenue Earlwood 14 units (Complete January 2015 – Single basement 5 Levels)
  • Address:               58-60 Macquarie Street Liverpool (57 Units Double Basement )
  • Address:               47-53 Anzac Parade Kensington (33 Units 2 Shops – Double Basement)
  • Address:               133 Botany Road Waterloo (21 Units 1 Shop – Single Basement)
  • Address:               481 Elizabeth Street Surry Hills (17 Units Heritage Facade Retention 6 Levels single basement)