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Getting Started

Now that you have had some inspiration to your build you may be thinking what the next steps are. First step – Booking and preparing for an initial consultation. Booking – Please call through and brief one of our friendly staff about your next project – this will ensure Dilcara will be able to allocate the right person to the initial consultation. If you are time poor please complete the¬†questionnaire¬†below. Prior to the initial consultation we recommend that you have an idea of what you would like to build or any plans you may have had drawn up. It is also recommended that you have a budget planned prior to the consultation. Second Step – Initial Consultation One of Dilcaras staff members will meet you in relation to your project which entails brain storming and gathering an idea as to your vision, level of inclusions, time frame and budget. This meeting also ensures that our our client/builder relationship is healthy from the onset. We believe that a healthy client relationship is the foundation to a successful build. Third Step – Planning and Preparation